Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is IT Outsourcing System Truly Strategic?

The Clients who’re not familiar with IT systems often make the mistake of assuming that just because a function is strategic, the IT systems supporting that function are strategic, too. Therefore, step back in outsourcing. Whereas, an IT outsourcing company like KCMconnect can actually help them realize the true potential of their existing system integrating with IT system.

Are we certain that our IT requirements won’t change?

The rise of new technology, of course, will change a company’s IT needs. In addition, whenever a company plans to move into a new market or faces potential changes in its existing market, its IT requirements may change. And, here the IT outsourcing partner like KCMconnect can help its clients to catch up with the pace of the changing market.

Could the internal IT department provide this system more efficiently than an outside provider could?

The assumption behind the strategic-versus-commodity approach is that economies of scale, highly skilled people, and superior practices allow external suppliers to provide IT commodities more efficiently than an internal IT department ever could. Consider the implications: In awarding such contracts to an outside provider like KCMconnect, companies are allowing us to figure out how to provide the service more efficiently and pocket the savings.

By inviting their IT departments to bid for the contracts, companies accomplish two things. First, they motivate their employees to find ways to provide good service at a lower cost. Second, such companies gain a much deeper understanding of the costs of a given service and the best way to provide it. If they decide to outsource in the future, they will be in a stronger position to evaluate bids and to write a contract that serves their own interests.

Do we have the knowledge to outsource an unfamiliar or emerging technology?

A company can’t control what it doesn’t understand. Many non-IT clients think that because no one in the company has enough technical expertise to assess new technologies, they should hand the job over to an outsider. But, we at KCMconnect believes in Collaboration.

By collaborating with service provider like KCMconnect to team up with company’s new / exiting IT staff on the project enables the company to learn enough about the new technology that it can negotiate a contract from a position of strength if it does decide to outsource.

What in-house staff do clients need to make sure that they get the most out of their IT contracts?

Though, KCMconnect provides the services they are obligated to provide and that all the client’s reasonable needs are satisfied. Once a client / company has decided which services or systems to outsource and has negotiated contracts, it needs another team to serve as contract administrators and service or systems integrators to collaborate with KCMconnect.