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The future of the global electric vehicle market looks promising with opportunities in battery, hybrid, and plug-in-hybrid electric vehicle markets. The global electric vehicle market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 29% from 2021 to 2026. The major drivers for this market are increasing fuel prices, government subsidies as tax benefits to promote electric vehicles, and growing concerns for environmental pollution.

It is also expected to witness the highest growth over the forecast period due to the consumers’ demand for zero emission vehicles, and decreasing electric vehicle battery cost.

Therefore, looking into the need of the customers. KCMconnect launched the e-Market place as CONWAIplus :
==> To purchase 2-Wheel Electric Vehicles (EV),
==> To develop captive Charging Points of CONWAIplus
==> for Solar-Powered Equipment,
==> Huge collection of Sports-Gear & Accessories to buy

Visit for exciting Products: www.conwaiplus.com

The COVID-19 crisis has made it painfully clear that companies cannot continue to manage their supply chains like its still 2019. This is particularly true in transportation management, where significant waste exists in the industry, adding costs and inefficiencies for shippers, carriers, and brokers. Simply put, the time has come to find a better and smarter way.
Network-based transportation management systems, and the network effects enabled by a platform that connects all logistics stakeholders, are the foundation for this required transformation. They can eliminate many of the inefficiencies and waste in the industry, and enable smarter and more synchronized processes, by breaking down the data and workflow silos between shippers, carriers, and brokers.
Among other benefits, this results in;
==> Smarter and faster matching of loads with capacity;
==> Greater opportunities for collaborative shipping and continuous moves;
==> A reduction in truck detention fees; and
==> The ability to use network-based data and analytics to identify continuous improvement opportunities and discover new trading partners
Despite all of the advancements in technology and new business models, it is important to remember that transportation is not a commodity. It is a relationship-based business where trusted relationships matter because it impacts customer service and satisfaction, and by extension, a shipper’s brand and reputation. That is why the vast majority of freight is still moved via contracted carriers.
Generally owners of these contracted carriers like Small Commercial Vehicles (SCVs) or Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs) that transport materials/goods traveling long distances find it difficult and involve many stakeholders to get their vehicle full of load on their way back from where they started.
Therefore, we came up with aggregator platform CONWAI.com for Commercial Vehicles where they can find the right match based on algorithm for the services mentioned below.
Our services primarily include:
Registering the Transporters
Registering the Drivers under those transporters (validating their DL)
Registering Freelance Drivers to help them finding out the employment opportunity
Allowing the “Transporters to Bid” (USP) the price to carry the load based on their carrying capacity like container size, load capacity (in kg or tonne)
Based on the algorithm, not only lowest bid price rather relevant details will be listed on top
Customers can search their desired vehicle based on their requirement, the vehicle can be small in size like Tata Ace, Piaggio Ape, or Mahindra Go or they can even be larger in size like Tata World Truck, Tata Prima, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra Trucks etc.

Visit for Enquiry or to Register Your Vehicle: www.CONWAI.com

KCMconnect software-as-service for the Digital Library enabled with barcode system.
A SaaS product named as BUQHOLIC which KCMconnect developed for the Schools or Even Open Public Libraries where Bearer ID card is Barcoded and Library books are also barcode.
This application BUQHOLIC helps the librarian to make transaction (issue & return) of books based on mapping of barcode of book and student.
Our team is in process of incorporating other modules also specially for schools where the students barcode ID cards can also be used to keep track of usage in their attendance, canteen, their food habits, the details of vaccinations etc.

BACHAAO is an Android mobile App from KCMconnect that can be used during Emergency Situation to inform Your Primary Contact about your Emergency Problem and you can share your Current Location in Just One Click through WhatsApp. Now, you do not need to panic if you are not able to Find the Person in Emergency in your Contact List and Dial them

Primary Emergency Requirements listed in the App are:
1. Life Threat
2. Accident
3. Rape Threat (Care for Women)

Download from Google Play store: